We provide two distinct stock choosing techniques as part of our stock picking service. Real-time stock selections, which are responsive and inclusive of entry and exits, are made available to customers. Our top big cap businesses and options trades are traded with each other. You'll be able to track us as we enter and exit each transaction. If you want, shares may be exchanged in place of each other. We provide trade alert “setup” settings that identify critical support and resistance levels for equities that may be making a move to breakout. You decide whether or not to accept the deal.

Real-Time Stock Alerts

Real time stock picks which are actionable and include entries and exits. They are large cap options trades and you can follow when we get in and out of each trade.

Trade Alert Setups

Our alert “setups” map out key support and resistance levels of stocks that are potentially looking to break out. Detailed notes are included, and you decide if you are going to take the trade.

Real Time Alerts

Real time stock picks which are actionable and include entries and exits

Alert Setups

Alert “setups” which map out support and resistance levels of break out stocks

Free Courses

Take our free stock market courses if you need more training

Stock Picks Service: Real-Time Stock Picking With Entries & Exits

  • Our stock picking service includes real time stock picks
  • We target large cap, highly liquid stocks with a tight bid/ask spread
  • Entries & exits are included
  • We also offer day trade stock picks “setups” with our daily watch lists
  • Daily stock picks are given

Our stock selections service is comprised of two distinct kinds of alerts: technical and fundamental. First and foremost, we provide real-time and actionable stock alerts, which include both entry and exit signals. Essentially, these are options transactions that are concentrated mainly on large-cap companies. If you want, you may trade stocks instead of options if that is what you prefer. The majority of the time, we call out a few of these transactions each week.

In addition, we provide free daily stock selections (commonly known as trade “setups”) via our stock picking service. Stocks of both small and big size companies are included, and our alert “setups” are provided on a regular basis on our website. On our YouTube channel, we have watch list videos that may assist you in learning how to trade them effectively. For 14 days, you may try out both of our notifications for free.

While the service itself is intended to benefit investors who are trying to find companies that will beat the market, the service has a very simple definition. You may use a stock selecting service as opposed to consulting with a full-service investing company to obtain market advice.

Aside from that, you may buy back time using a stock selecting service. We are all for the things that make life simpler, whether it’s ordering groceries online or having someone come in to assist with chores.

Investing in the stock market offers a multitude of stocks to choose from. Trading in the stock market is more effective when you have quality stock selections to assist you.

Your skill set will always be accessible to you, regardless of market conditions. If you have access to various sectors at different times, you can do this.

Due to the constant ringing of phones, messaging, and emails, the majority of people are too busy to take even the most basic activities, like going for a stroll. Even when everything seems quiet, someone seems to want something. Now that things are so disorganized, you should consider investing, but you have no means of picking up food for supper today. As you would expect, picking an appropriate stock portfolio is no easy task.

Oh, and we mustn’t forget to include a balanced equation. Or maybe not equal, I’m not sure. So, what should you do? The term ‘stock selections service’ should now be included in the entry. Do you think you would be wondering why someone would have taken this route? An answer to the above question is simply, “Simplicity.” Very well, let’s just throw in another word: Efficency. When finding the finest stock selecting service, you need to consider many factors.

Do your due diligence before you trade any of our free daily stock selections, and go through stock training first. When it comes to trading, the effectiveness of a stock picking service is negated if you are unaware of how to trade. Successful stock selection can only be achieved by keeping an eye on the current market trends. Also, you’ll want to decide where to place your stop losses.

Now that you understand charts better, it’s time to discover how to interpret them for yourself. Whether you are paid by a stock selects service or not, you still look at the chart before making a trade. What patterns do the patterns reveal?

Every pattern isn’t foolproof. Thus, because our stocks on our penny stocks list or our bitcoin stocks list have stocks, you should find support and resistance, no matter the market conditions. Do the patterns exhibit changes, such as reversals, or remain constant?

If you haven’t already, you should definitely get our free candlesticks e-book which includes desktop wallpaper backdrops. Why? Candlesticks are the name of the game while trading, therefore “candysticks” is the proper term to employ. Support and resistance levels are shown. There is nothing else to say. To become a successful trader, you need to know when to buy cheap and sell high. Here is the secret:

These designs keep becoming fresher every day due of our wallpaper backdrops. As you examine patterns, more and more patterns will leap into view. The truth is, you’ll start to see commonalities in your daily life.

Free Stock Market Courses

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Our Stock Picks Service

Here at the Gulf Sniper we’ve have a stock picks service for penny stocks, as well as larger cap stocks. You don’t need to pay for fancy scanners if you don’t have the money. Our stock picks service have stocks that range from $1.5 to $100 and above. That way you have the option of penny stocks and large cap stocks to trade. We have real time real time stock alerts to pair with our stock picks if you prefer options or larger cap stocks. Along with the real time alerts we have trading setups also. These are for our smaller cap stocks. Since we’re not pumpers these aren’t the real time alerts. Instead, they’re levels to pay attention to.

Lists of Stocks to Trade (Penny Stocks & Swing Trade Watch List Updated Daily)

Giving advise and providing recommendations is how a stock pick service earns its money, which is how it gets its money. They make no guarantees about the outcome. Or, even better, they should not make any guarantees about the outcome. We cannot emphasize enough how critical it is to keep this difference in mind.

As you are aware, the stock market swings, and there are no guarantees when it comes to financial investments.

If a business or individual promises you a profit in the stock market, they are deceiving you. You and your money should go as quickly as possible from the situation.

Participate in one of our trading classes to learn why and how to trade any stocks obtained via a service. In fact, you can see us compile a few of our watch lists on YouTube, which you can find here. Patterns, as well as support and resistance levels for each individual stock that we discover on our stock scanners, are essential since we are looking for possible breakouts.

Make sure to go over our alerts and settings pages to ensure that you understand how to use them to their full potential. Check out our Trade Ideas page before 9:15 a.m. every morning if you want to see morning gappers.

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to understand patterns while trading, and you can guarantee that we do extensive research on stock patterns before sending out a stock alert to our subscribers. They serve as critical support and resistance levels for traders, and traders must be aware of them while they are trading.

They are an excellent indicator of when it is appropriate to possibly enter and leave a transaction. Despite what we’ve heard time and time again, patterns are not infallible. There is nothing in the commercial world. Patterns that are bullish and bearish are both unsuccessful. All you have to do is be on your toes and be prepared.

We aren’t going to sugarcoat anything for your benefit. We understand that trading may be difficult, particularly when you are just starting out. In reality, 90 percent of traders fail in their endeavors. Usually, they get agitated before they have a chance to really get it. That number, on the other hand, should not frighten you. If you put in the effort and commitment necessary to become a successful trader, you will have acquired a talent that will last a lifetime. As one of the finest stock selecting service businesses in the market, we have earned a reputation for excellence. Pumps and dumps are not traded between us. For the next 14 days, you may try our stock selections service for free.

On our website, you may take advantage of two free candlestick classes. We aim to assist you in becoming familiar with the most common candlestick patterns. Consequently, we have two courses, one of which focuses on the most popular larger reversal patterns and the other which concentrates on the smaller reversal patterns. The reason you should be aware of this is because reversal patterns may be found in larger general patterns. And how you trade from a list may be affected by this.

Reversals are patterns that assist traders gain better entry into trades, as well as cautions when it may be time to possibly leave a position. Once again, in trading, you must understand when to purchase and when to sell. As a result, it is essential to spend the necessary time learning about candlesticks, particularly before trading our free daily stock selections.

Selectivity is something you should not be surprised by when obtaining financial advice. Even if a stranger offered you stock-picking advice on the train, and even if you knew nothing about the business, you shouldn’t heed it. When determining whether a stock picking service is credible, find out how long the firm has been in business, who manages it, and how transparent it is.

What other services or wider market results does the business compare itself to? You might perform better at the horse races if you operate a business that’s been operating just a year or two and you set up shop in a dorm room somewhere in a foreign nation.