Looking for Trading Coaching from a Down to Earth Trading Coach?

Add Some Name, however, we have several community members that are team instructors and facilitators. Creed is the trainer that we recommend for personal trading coaching. He runs a coaching company (Nomadic Trading) that’s separate from the Bullish Bears community. *Please be advised that his coaching, rates, and terms & conditions are not affiliated directly and are separate from the Bullish Bears community. You can access Creeds schedule below.

Signet has decided to offer coaching as well. If you are interested in getting some scheduled time, please reach out to Sig directly here:

Dan is opening up coaching and mentoring to the right traders. Please send your emails to telling a little bit about yourself to start a conversation and see if it’s a right fit!




If you are wondering if my (Creed) services will be of a benefit to you, I (Creed) am happy to do a 15 minute “coffee chat”. This will let us both get an idea if you need a one-on-one or just some quick clarity on things. A big part of the Company name is that we are here for you. There is no need to spend money for simple answers.

The “coffee chat” is designed so I can clear up any small, simple question you may have about trading. This is not meant to be a full lesson or consultation for an experience. Feel free to ask anything that may assist you in that next step to becoming a profitable trader, but make sure to keep it concise and in the scope of our time.

A 25 minute consultation is preferred before scheduling a desired lesson. This is so I can tailor the lesson specifically to you. After the initial consultation, I will send you a direct link to book your lesson time. For all lessons and chat’s I will email you a private zoom link 5 min before our meeting time. *( if you do not have a mic please let me know and I will call you on the number you provide, most laptops have a built in mic.)


Initial Consultation (Free)

Coffee Chat Q&A (Free) 25 minutes

Follow-Up Appointment (Free) 15 minutes

1. Beginner: 15 minutes
Understanding the Basics

2. Intermediate: 1 hour @ $99.00
Forming the Framework

3. Advanced: 1 hour 30 minutes @ $149.00
Mastering the Trade and Yourself

4. Custom: 2 hours @ $198.00
Surpassing the Standards

3 hours – pricing TBD