We post our free penny stocks list daily during the trading sessions with a watch list of the best low to high float stocks between $1.50 – $10 that are potentially looking to do daily breakouts. These small caps are listed on the major exchanges. We also post trade alert setups that show the key support and resistance levels to look out for, which are helpful guides on determining when to potentially enter and exit a trade.
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Top 5 Gainers: Results List of Day Trade Stocks

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TOP 5 GAINERS : A Daily Penny Stocks List

Are you looking for a penny stocks list? Well…you’re in the right place. The Bullish Bears Team posts a day trade watch list everyday by 9 pm est, so make sure to bookmark this page and check it daily. Our day trade watch list includes a combination of low float penny stocks, as well as medium to high floaters. Our watch list is one of the most viewed penny stocks to watch list on the internet.

*We also include our day trade alert “setups” for paid community members. Our “setups” provide you with potential key breakout and breakdown areas. Trade alert setups have an 89.56%+ weekly trigger rate.

Daily Watch Lists

We post our penny stocks watch list daily by 9 pm est

Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas is one of the best stock scanners to find penny stocks

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Check out a list of the hottest penny stocks for 2021

Where Can I Find Penny Stock Listings: Trade Ideas

The use of a scanner may be very helpful when your penny stocks list isn’t producing results. In the case of small-cap stocks, the Trade Ideas scanner will produce a list of potential trades, which will be shown on the screen. Consequently, whether or not our pre-made list is now active, you will have full access to potentially lucrative trade setups at any time of day or night.

The Bullish Bears provide a list of morning runners as well as additional momentum stocks to keep an eye on on a daily basis, which can be found here. We publish them on our website’s Trade Ideas page every morning at 9:30 a.m., starting at the beginning of the day. Through the use of the Trade Ideas scanner, we were able to uncover all of these potentially profitable situations.

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On Trade Ideas, we take a look at the top high volume penny stocks that are currently trading during the market. Every morning by 9:30 a.m., make sure to check out our Live Trading Room and their morning penny stocks watch list, which we post on a daily basis.
We look at the top 5-7 gap-up stocks, scan for breaking news, point out support and resistance levels, and then narrow the list down to the top 3-4 setups that we are looking for at the opening of the trading session.
Scanners are excellent at weeding out stocks that aren’t likely to be profitable investments.
However, just because a stock appears on your scanner does not imply that you should enter a trade on it immediately. In this case, the use of technical analysis and candlesticks, as well as the use of volume, come into play.
In fact, if you bookmark the Trade Ideas Scanner page on our website, you’ll have access to a large number of potential plays and stocks to keep an eye on, as well as a list of penny stock opportunities.
Immediately after the bell rings, we check our penny stocks list, as well as the top movers that we selected from Trade Ideas, to see which high volume penny stocks are moving the most.
If the setup is favorable on either of our lists, we will consider making a trade. This is demonstrated live in our day trading room every morning from 9-11 am, and then again from 2-4 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. That’s right, there are two live webinars every day.
Remember, we are not a “stock pumping” service, so please do not copy our trades unless you are familiar with how to trade on your own account. And only trade our list of penny stocks if the setups are good and you are familiar with the trading process. It’s also important to note that finding good penny stocks to invest in for the long term can be difficult. Make sure to look through our other stock lists as well.

It’s important to be aware of penny stock pumpers when looking for a penny stocks list with stocks priced under $1. Particularly on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and any other. As a result, investing in small-cap stocks that trade on major exchanges will be the most secure bet for the time being. Unless you are a medical professional, stay away from over-the-counter medications and pink sheets.

A penny stock is any stock that trades for less than $5 per share. The majority of sub-penny stocks are not traded on major stock exchanges at this time. As a result, they are exempt from the SEC’s rules and regulations.

This implies that there is a great deal of fraud and pumping. As a result, traders who trade pink slips or over-the-counter stocks must be extremely cautious. Certain brokers have restrictions on trading over-the-counter stocks, so be sure to check with your broker to find out what those restrictions are before getting involved in this sector. Penny stocks are difficult to come by in the over-the-counter (OTC) market. Remember to look for penny stocks with a high volume of trading and good liquidity.

Consider the possibility that many of the individuals who are pumping them may not really own any shares. A commission is paid to them instead for persuading other traders to take a bite out of the apple.

Never accept a success story at face value; instead, examine it carefully. The majority of the time, when something seems to be too wonderful to be true, it nearly always turns out to be real. Pumpers want you to believe what they say rather than what the charts say, in order to avoid having to look at the charts themselves.

Another big red flag has been raised in this scenario, and it has to be addressed. It is difficult to make a mistake while looking at a graph. Technical analysis and candlesticks have the ability to and will result in substantial financial savings in this situation. You will not benefit from a list of the top penny stocks if you do not understand how to read and interpret the charts.

On a daily basis in our day trading room, we educate you about live mentoring, charting, and coaching techniques in real time. In our day trading room, there are no stock pumping services available, and no trades are called out at any time.

You are free to follow the transactions that we make, but please keep in mind that if you do so while following us or any other chat room service provider, you will always be late to your entrances and exits. In order to get fully comfortable with the risks involved in trading, we suggest that you learn how to trade for yourself rather than “copying” the transactions of others.

Penny stock trading in our trading rooms is something we educate our students on the spot. Consider our trading service to discover how we may be of assistance in your endeavors.

Can You Make Money in Penny Stocks?

Investing in penny stocks may or may not result in profit. You may reply that you’ve read about support and resistance, candlestick patterns, moving average lines, the float of a stock, and the details of entering and exiting trades using hot keys, but it is critical that you be knowledgeable about these concepts before you can confidently answer the question. We are certain that our penny stocks list is extremely simple to follow, and you’ll save yourself an enormous amount of time if you build your own day trading watch list from scratch. In order to present you with the greatest possible potential breakout settings, we do a scan, a filter, and a map out of support and resistance levels.

Here on this page, we publish our daily trading watch list, but you may read more about the alert settings and sign up to get them if you’re interested! You can view the daily watch lists we create on our YouTube channel.

Our Stock Watch List Has All What You Need!

Penny stock investing may be both lucrative and dangerous, particularly if you don’t understand what you’re putting yourself into. Trading in small-cap stocks is popular among investors due to the low cost of these companies. The creation of an effective penny stock watch list is thus important. At the beginning of your trading career, you may not have a lot of money to work with, which is quite acceptable. So the idea of not having to put up a large sum of money is very tempting.

It is important to exercise caution while searching for a penny stocks watch list to trade on in order to prevent getting cheated. Unfortunately, this is an industry that is plagued with fraud and deceit on a regular basis. The potential of earning money from it, on the other hand, is not ruled out entirely. If you know what to look for and what to avoid, the penny stock market may be a lucrative sector to trade in, but not so much if you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to investing in tiny stocks. High trading volume in penny stocks is important since you need liquidity in order to enter and exit a transaction more readily.

The good news is that we teach you how to trade penny stocks every day in our day trading room, which is a great resource for anybody interested in learning how to trade tiny stocks. Every morning, we go over the inventories and search for the finest potential combinations for our customers. We draw support and resistance levels on a chart and use this information to decide which of the stocks on our list has a strong potential setup to trade at the start of the next trading day. Yes, it does seem like a wonderful time. Then it’s time for you to become a part of our group.

You must have a list of penny stocks ready before you begin your trading day if you want to be a good day trader, and this list must include the companies you want to trade. To ensure that you have a solid start to your trading day, we take care of all of the effort for you by giving you with our nightly lists and Trade Ideas morning gappers, which are both updated every morning. It’s a labor of love on my side, to be honest!

As we all know, the skill to trade correctly is the most essential element in attaining success as a trader. However, there are other factors that must be considered. Learning the intricacies is not that tough if you put in the required time and effort to achieve success. Understanding everything by watching us teach and trade in real time is a very valuable tool that we use every day to make sense of the world. The pros and drawbacks of the market are discussed in detail every day, as well as the indicators that should be looked for while trading equities.

Gaining successful deals is a fantastic feeling. Everyone wants to earn money on the stock market, but it’s also essential to know which transactions to avoid if you want to make money. Do you ever look back and wish you’d taken a different route in your career? Of course, this has happened to everyone. Let’s have that discussion once again.

In order to be successful while trading small-cap stocks, it is critical to understand the patterns that exist. If you don’t understand how patterns work, it may be extremely difficult to predict when a stock is going to breakout or collapse.

Stocks with a low market capitalization have the highest level of volatility in history. When a catalyst strikes, it causes an eruption of creative energy. Identifying the warning signals of a stock’s pump and dump enables you to place the appropriate entry and exits at the appropriate times.

The reason we offer this service is because we show you in real time when it is the ideal moment to join and leave a trading position. There’s no need to be concerned if you are unable to see our live broadcasts on a daily basis. In order to keep up with the latest updates, you may watch replays of our broadcasts that are updated several times each week.

You may learn about various investing techniques, such as options and futures, by watching our live broadcasts, where we have a range of moderators that educate each day. The strategies used in trading credit spreads, debit spreading, iron condors, long term options trading, as well as micro cap futures, are just a few examples of the strategies used in trading strategies such as credit spreads, debit spreading, iron condors, long term options trading, and micro cap futures, to name a few.

We make every effort to help members of our community in developing diverse trading portfolios. Quality penny stocks do not always trade because of their tiny market capitalizations, which is why you should study additional techniques that will help you make money when the market is in between short-term trends or when quality penny stocks are not trading.

The volume of trading in small caps, in addition to the bid/ask spread, is one of the most essential factors to keep an eye on in the market. Because of this, the manner in which and if your order will be completed is decided.

When it comes to volatile small-cap companies, the bid/ask spread is usually large. As a consequence, your purchase will most likely not be completed or will not be supplied at the price that you want as a result of this mistake.

For individuals who want to trade stocks off of the penny stocks list, seek for companies that have an exceptionally narrow gap between the bid and ask prices (bid/ask spread) between the bid and ask prices. Every morning, Trade Ideas releases a list of the best penny stocks to trade, which is then updated at the end of the day to reflect the most recent information available.

Despite the fact that you may have sufficient volume, a large gap between the bid and ask will make it impossible to close your trade or even fill it. You’ll get real-time stock notifications sent directly to your inbox.

Free Stock Market Courses

Take our free stock market courses ($1,500 + Value)

You may practice trading penny stocks by opening a paper trading account and placing orders on penny stocks that have already been compiled. Starting as soon as you begin your training program, you will notice a difference in their behavior. Making yourself a competent and secure trader in a world full of manipulation is made feasible by integrating the techniques listed above into your trading repertoire. Prepare yourself by studying all you can about the subject matter!

You should paper trade for a few months and make several hundreds of dollars before you start trading with real money, as this will prepare you for the real thing. Make sure to keep track of all of your transactions in a spreadsheet, and aim for an overall success percentage of 60-65 percent if you want to stay in the positive.

Following your first success as a paper trader, you may go to trading with real money. Start with modest holdings and progressively increase the amount of your transactions as your experience grows. Trading is more like a marathon than a sprint in terms of time commitment. It is important for traders to take their time and not hurry their choices since the emotions involved with day trading may be very turbulent.

Our day trade room is an excellent location to get hands-on experience in the paper trading market. We have a great trading community that is very helpful and acts as a fantastic learning resource for new traders. Learn by doing, asking questions, and then putting what you’ve learned into practice in your paper trading account until you’re confident in your skills.