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live trading rooms include daily streaming, chat, real-time mentoring, twice a day webinars and trading. Trading rooms are a staple of any good trading service. In fact, a trade room should inspire mentoring and learning. As a result, the Gulf Sniper have worked on building trade rooms that strive to mentor, teach and help new and seasoned traders alike.

We’d like to think of our trading community as the “pay it forward” movement within the stock market. Click the button below to try our trade rooms.

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Pay it Forward

The Gulf Sniper are the “pay it forward movement in the stock market

Focus Is On You

We put the focus on helping our community members, not on us

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Pay it Forward Trading Service

From the very start, our mission was to create a stock market trading community that had a “pay it forward” mentality to it. As a result, we all help each other to become better traders and along the journey helps us to become better people by helping others to succeed. If you’re looking for genuine trading education, this is your home. Try our community out free for below.

Are Trading Rooms Helpful?

If your sole goal is to earn money and you don’t have much contact with other individuals who share your goals, the stock market may be a very lonely place to work. Our community is comprised of both trading rooms and a Facebook group, as a consequence of this.

Additionally, there are some lone wolves that like to trade with others, and such individuals come to this place to study and do their own thing. So our online trading service and community are excellent resources for learning about the stock market while also providing a chance to network with other traders from all around the globe. There’s even a sense that we’re a “social club.” Consequently, please feel free to ask questions, discuss charts, exchange ideas, and so on.

Join Our Community

A pump and dump is not the kind of community we are. To put it another way, we don’t sell stocks to other members of the community in order to inflate our own personal brokerage accounts.

To the contrary, we do not permit this kind of activity to take place inside our community or trade service business. Because of this, there are a plethora of trading services available that are well-known for pumping and dumping to their users in order to make themselves seem like “brokerage account heroes.” In our trading rooms, we do not operate in this manner. Unless you’re searching for anything specific, it’s probably best to go elsewhere.

If you want to find out HOW TO TRADE, then read on… You have arrived at the correct location. Our number one priority is to serve you! In reality, it is you, not the money, that we are concerned about. Do we like having money? Of course, who doesn’t want to be a part of something? However, money is just a means to a goal, and it is not our top concern at all. We like assisting our members in their stock trading endeavors  learn how to trade stocks. We may trade on our own or do something else… However, this is something we like doing. 

Our trading service business as a consequence will always strive to give back to our community members by not withholding vital trading information or charging an arm and a leg to do so.

Another key library that we have created is called the “Next Level” library, which has everything from the “golden nugget” techniques to trading. You will pay a lot of money using other trading services for this information. We have no qualms about giving it all out in our movie collection. It teaches you day trading, swing trading, options trading, candlestick charting, and more.

It’s entirely up to you if you return to our site after using everything from our data and expertise. Please choose to remain with us!

We cherish the openness of individuals of various cultures that reside in our town. To put it simply, we have a variety of merchants from all walks of life and various professions. In other words, professionals, stay-at-home mothers, single parents, millennials, boomers, and non-U.S. residents are all examples of common demographics in society.

Take Trading Now

When it comes to investing, many experts and trading firms are available, which may make it difficult for novice investors. There are many factors to consider while picking the finest stock trading service provider.


Go and have a look at the reviews of their companies online. The easiest method to find out whether a trading service business is legitimate is to read customer reviews that have been posted online by people who have used their services. we have reviews on Google and Facebook

Everybody knows that nowadays, people aren’t scared to say how they feel. There will almost certainly be unfavorable evaluations for a trading business on the Internet. Many happy customers may not be motivated to submit a review, making it difficult to discern if a business is excellent.

Would the Bullish Bears be the industry’s finest stock trading company? This is all up to you. While we do have some positive feedback about us online, we have also had our fair share of bad evaluations. Learn for yourself how our members evaluate us by looking at The Gulf Sniper.

Free Stock Market Courses

Take our free stock market courses ($1,000 + Value)

What Are Stock Trading Services?

Our trade rooms are where the action takes place each day. In fact, we offer a action packed trade room that discusses swing trading, futures, options and stocks.. Try our community free.

Trading rooms are very popular trading services. In fact, they’re helpful to traders as they learn real-time how to trade the markets. As a result, they’re a great place to learn and interact with other like-minded traders. In fact, our trade rooms are a lot of fun, and we have that “pay it forward” mentality of helping each other out.

Therefore, feel free to ask questions and interact with other members in our trade rooms. They’re very helpful. In fact, no question is too silly to ask. We have an off-topic room that is perfect for this. We were all new traders once so we know how intimidating it can feel like when you’re first getting started.

Inside our trade rooms you’ll see us teaching the markets with real-time charting, mentoring, and training in our live trading rooms.

Many specialists and trading companies are accessible for those interested in investing, which may make it challenging for new investors. Picking the best stock trading service provider necessitates attention to several variables.

Check out their company reviews online. Reading customer evaluations posted online by individuals who have utilized a service’s services is the simplest way to ascertain whether or not the company is genuine. Google and Facebook have reviews of ours

So today, people no longer fear saying how they feel, right? An online trading company will almost likely get negative reviews on the internet. It may be difficult to know whether a company is really great, if there are few (or no) pleased consumers willing to write a review.

Would the bullish bears be considered the best stock trading operation in the industry? It’s all in your hands. Despite this, we have received both good and negative comments about us online. Examine how our members believe we are as shown by The Gulf Sniper.

Instead, we limit our risk in the stock market by holding fewer, but much larger, holdings. For these reasons, we’re not using our community members to artificially raise the value of our stock in order to earn more money. Sadly, these kinds of businesses are common in the financial trading services industry.

We broadcast live from our bedroom each morning for a couple of hours, and we also sometimes stream on the go. To be clear, you may watch and listen to our broadcast, as well as converse with other members of the community in the trading rooms. Even our stock scanners are open to the public, for everyone to use.

As we chart stocks real-time, answer your questions, and notify you when we initiate and exit trades, please look over our shoulders. Unless you are 100% comfortable with the accompanying risks, please DO NOT follow any of our trades. It’s important to note that we are not like other “stock pumping” businesses that you may find elsewhere.

We invite you to come and join us, and we encourage you to introduce yourself and become a part of our community. This is great live stock market training

A basic stock trading course, day trading course, options trading, swing trading, candlesticks patterns, and how to set up your brokerage account.

In order to minimize the number of ill-advised transactions, plan to devote a lot of time to research and practice before you make any trades.

Comfortable trading takes time to achieve. To feel comfortable trading, it may take 6 months to a year for novice traders. That’s why we advise people not to jump to trading too quickly.

You should treat trading as a job or profession, not as a game. To really invest in oneself, and to do academic work, is necessary. Since we recommend studying for 1-2 hours each day for many months, be sure to ease yourself into it.

Because we’ve provided our members plenty of resources, we’ve given them everything they need to get started. Check out the free courses on this page. Begin with our beginning classes and progress to our higher courses one step at a time.

The first thing you should do is open a paper trading account with a firm like TD Ameritrade or Interactive Brokers. Before trading with real money, you should make several hundred transactions in that account first.

There is much more that we have to offer to our community members, and we want to provide it to them. We provide our customers with education and training that is unique in the business.

We envisioned becoming the most-trusted stock market trading community in the world, and we established the Bullish Bears as our goal came to fruition. We aim to provide a rigorous and pragmatic education in the stock market for our community members. We are always striving to better serve our purpose each day.

Allowing you to succeed financially or personally in the trading websites you’ve always aspired to be in. If we say so, we are, without a doubt, the finest trading platform for novices.

When you are looking to pay off debts, to generate more income for your family, to take an additional vacation with your family, or to increase your money for a safe retirement, these goals may be met. Having it may help you realize the goals that are really important in life.

Actually, if you want the “good stuff,” we can assist you with that. With the stock trading service business and our active community, you will learn the essential trading skills and then be able to do whatever you want with the money. Would you want to join us?


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