Free swing trade stock watch lists posted daily by midnight with a hand picked watchlist of the best potential breakout stocks. They are a mix of large cap stocks ranging from $10-$100, high volume, and reputable companies. They are available to trade with either stocks or options. We focus on companies with options that have high open interest and are highly liquid.

Make sure to bookmark this page and check it below daily. We also include our alert setups and real-time options alerts for members.

Swing Trade Stock Watch Lists: List of Stocks

June 14 2021

June 21 2021

June 28 2021

July 06 2021

July 12 2021

July 19 2021

Swing Trade Stock Watch Lists

The Gulf Sniper Team posts a swing trade stock watch list free everyday by midnight est, so make sure to bookmark this page and check it daily. We also include our swing trading alert “setups” for our community members. Our swing “trade alert setups” provide you with potential key breakout and breakdown areas.
We do all of the scanning and filtering for you and provide you with the best trading setups. *We offer trade rooms, live daily streaming, real-time stock alerts, trade alert “setups” and free trading courses to our members. Try our community out for 14 days free below.

Swing Trade List

We post our swing trade watch list several times per week before 9 pm Est

Trade Ideas

We provide swing trade alert setups along with our watch lists

Hot Stock

Check out a list of the hottest penny stocks for 2021

How Our Stock Watch Lists Work: Swing Trade Alerts Available

Sometimes having a scanner works wonders when your penny stocks list doesn’t fire off. The Trade Ideas scanner is going to pull up a small caps list of stocks to trade. As a result, you have full access to potentially good trade setups, regardless of if our pre-made list runs or not.

Each morning, The Gulf Sniper posts a list of morning runners and other momentum stocks to look at. We post them each morning by 9:30 am  live on our Rooms page. These potential setups were all found using the Trade Ideas scanner.


On Trade Ideas, we take a look at the top high volume penny stocks that are currently trading in the pre-market. Always keep an eye on their morning penny stocks watch list, which is updated on a daily basis, and our Trade Ideas page each morning throughout the trading session.

We look at the top 3-5 gap-up stocks, seek for breaking news, map out support and resistance levels, and then narrow the list down to the top 2-3 setups that we are searching for at the opening of the trading session.

Scanners are excellent at weeding out stocks that aren’t likely to be profitable investments.

However, just because a stock appears on your scanner does not imply that you should make a trade on it immediately. In this case, the use of technical analysis and candlesticks, as well as the use of volume, come into play.

In fact, if you bookmark the Trade Ideas Scanner page on our website, you’ll have access to a huge number of possible plays and stocks to keep an eye on, as well as a list of penny stock opportunities.

Immediately after the bell rings, we check our penny stocks list, as well as the top movers that we selected from Trade Ideas, to see which high volume penny stocks are moving the most.

If the setting is favorable on any of our lists, we will consider making a trade. This is shown live in our day trading room every morning from 9-11 am, and then again from 2-4 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. That’s correct, there are two live webinars every day.

Remember, we are not a “stock pumping” service, so please do not replicate our trades unless you are familiar with how to trade on your own account. And only trade our list of penny stocks if the setups are excellent and you are familiar with the trading process. It’s also essential to remember that finding good penny stocks to invest in for the long term may be difficult. Make sure to go over our other stock listings as well.

Did you realize that many of the individuals who are pushing them don’t really own any of the company’s stock? Instead, they are getting compensated for convincing other dealers to take a bite of the apple.

Never put your faith in success tales. If something seems to be too good to be true, it almost always is. In order to avoid glancing at the charts, pumpers want you to believe what they say rather than what they say on paper.

Another major red flag has been raised in this instance. Charts are not deceiving. Once again, technical analysis and candlesticks have the potential to and will result in significant financial savings. If you don’t understand how to read stock charts, no list of the top penny stocks can assist you.

In our day trading room, we teach you real-time mentoring, charting, and coaching on a consistent basis. It is important to note that we are not a stock pumping service, and we do not shout out trades in our day trading room.

You are welcome to follow the trades that we do, but please keep in mind that you will always be late to your entry and exits if you do so while following us or any other chat room service. We strongly encourage you to learn how to trade for yourself and to avoid “copying” any other person’s transactions unless you are completely acquainted with the dangers involved with the trading market.

In our trading rooms, we educate people how to trade penny stocks in real time. Check out our trading service to see whether we’re a good fit for you.

What is a Stock Watch List?

A stock watch list is a list of symbols or tickers of stocks that are potentially poised to break out on a daily, weekly, or monthly stock chart, as well as their historical performance.

Members of our community may access swing trade stock watch lists that are updated many times each week. This saves our members a significant amount of time by eliminating the need to monitor the markets in search of the best setups. The scanning and filtering is completed by us, and our focused watch list is updated on this page many times each week. Please check back often for updates.

Make a habit of checking this website on a daily basis. Also, be sure to visit our YouTube channel at least once a week to see what’s new. On our YouTube channel, we demonstrate how we create our stock watch list for free.

How Do I Create a Stock Watchlist?

We chart out support and resistance levels on the stocks that have been added to our swing trade stock watch lists, to give you a quick overview of what we do. Then we’ll send out an alert. As a result, our trading alert “setups” are placed at critical levels where we will be looking for a breakthrough or a collapse.

Our trading alert “setups” are NOT buy signals, as the term implies. Specifically, these are levels to keep an eye on for a possible breakthrough or collapse, depending on the direction of the market. Although we don’t call out entry and exits on large-cap stocks, we do have a trading alert service that does just that.

As a result, we provide both trade alerts, in which we call out entry and exits, and “trade alert setups,” which are designed for traders who want to make their own decisions about each transaction.

An excellent way to explain this is to use support and resistance levels. The conditions are in place for a trade if a stock on our stocks to monitor this week list breaches the established thresholds and the alarm goes off.

When you do, you’ll notice that you want to examine the charts. In this instance, consider the moving averages as well as the patterns when determining whether a trend is likely to continue. Does it make you appear good?

In other words, you should follow your gut while utilizing our stock watchlists. We also empower you to control your money here at the Bullish Bears. You have full control of your trading destiny as a consequence. To take advantage of our “trade alert setups,” or to track our trades, click the buttons below.

A good trader fails about 30-40% of the time. Most trades won’t be winners. Thus, go ahead and sign up for our free stock market classes. Sign up to swap rooms now. Open a practice account and get started. Helpfully use our watch lists, alerts, and trading room recommendations to help you make hundreds of practice trades. We keep our daily stock watch list freely available on this website, so be sure to bookmark it.

Free Stock Market Courses

Take our free stock market courses ($1,000 + Value)

To begin trading in paper, open a penny stock trading account and use a pre-made list of penny stocks. You will observe how your students respond after you begin your instruction. Applying the aforementioned techniques may help you become excellent and safe at trading in a context where manipulation is present. Learn as much as you can!

We suggest paper trading for a few months and practicing with virtual money initially. Keep a record of all your transactions on a spreadsheet and aim for a success rate of 60-65% with the balance in your favor.

To start trading with real money, begin with modest positions, and gradually increase your holdings as you build confidence. Buying low and selling high is like a marathon, not a sprint. In day trading, emotions are very volatile, which makes it critical to exercise caution and not hurry as a trader.

Paper trading in our day trade room is a fantastic way to practice. We have a wonderful network of merchants who are very generous with their time and who are excellent resources for learning. Begin by learning about trading and collecting as much information as you can, and then use this information to practice in your paper trading account until you are comfortable.